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Florida Pro/Am

2023  Fl Skimboarding Pro/Am information below

The Florida Skimboarding Pro/Am (Fl Pro/Am) is the Third longest running Professional/Amateur Skimboarding tournament in the World (As for the Professional division, Tex Haines created the First, Harry followed and then I added the Pro division to my tournament in 1996) 


The Fl Pro/Am is the only Amateur event in the World that allows each athlete two chances to advance before being eliminated. This tournament runs more divisional heats than any other Skimboarding Tournament in the World, spanning three full days and over hour 30 hours of individual heats . Skimboarding athletes come from more than 75 different beaches from all over Florida, the USA, and the World.


A Skimboarding tournament dream that started once I moved from Tampa to Vilano Beach, Florida USA in February of 1989. Though it took well over a year to get everything in order to hold an event (The very first was Oct 1990).  This tournament has always been my gift back to Skimboarding for all of my best sessions, contest personal results, Skimboard Magazine publications from early 80's Florida Skimboarding, lifelong friendships, and wonderful memories. The Fl Pro/Am has always been an end of summer bash that has grown to exceed any and all of my expectations or dreams. Over the years and into the future, many of my Skimboarding friends as well as  personal family members, have helped me each and every year fulfill this dream for the sport of Skimboarding. Thanks for all of their help during this event from start to finish.


All of us hope we help make those same memories for you and your families, all while striving to win bragging rights for  a year as Champions in your division in one of the greatest Skimboarding Tournaments on EARTH !!!  

Thanks for competing in the Florida Pro/Am, all of us wish you the Best of Luck !!

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2023 Fl Skimboarding Pro/Am 

August 19-20

2023 Fl Pro/Am has some exciting news !!


update 5/20/2023 - update. riders meeting and check-in will take place on friday 8/18 starting at 7pm. holiday inn express will be our host located at 140 vilano road. they also blocked off a room break price for anyone attending the tournament. phone number is listed below

update 4/9/2023 - Professional Athletes, The fl pro/am is no longer affiliated with the ust, thus we do not honor their seasonal rankings. you will be seated based upon your 2022 fl pro/am results. results are listed below. those entering this year that weren't here in 2022 will be put into a draw. 

update 4/7/2023 - on beach parking is very limited due to a smaller beach this season. Plan on spending the entire day on the beach if you aren't staying in one of the hotels on Vilano. If you drive off from your spot, chances are it won't be there when you come back. We advise that you don't park in businesses parking spaces, you quite possibly will get your vehicle towed.

^ Due to the small beach, we will also be setting up a much smaller venue than years past, but the energy and positive vibe will be a strong as always


* We are moving forward with this years Florida Pro/Am 29th year. 

REgistration will begin June 1st for the first 150 amateur entries, no entry limit for professionals

* please follow directions on the official entry form, we will no longer be accepting entry form via fax, only direct mail or email, Almost everyone has a smart phone and you can load a scanning app for free in order to scan your entry, save it as a PDF file, then send it prior to entry deadline. You must attach your payment invoice number if you pay online. Email is

please write legibly on your entry form. We misspell athletes names every year because we cant read your writing, it's as embarrassing to us as it is to you .... also the email address is

* Easy online registration and Secure payment 

* Division names were changed to age group only

* check-in and riders meeting To be determined"

* daily heat schedules will not be posted until late july

* hotel choices are listed below...

* As always we are excited to host some of the most talented athletes in the world, we wish all of you the best of luck and hope you make lifelong memories

2023  Fl Skimboarding Pro/Am brought to you by...

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2023  Fl Skimboarding Pro/Am Official Heat Schedule

Saturday Aug 19th

Sunday   Aug 20th

More supporters  wishing all of you  Skimboarders the best of luck !!!

2023 WEBSITE Local support.jpg

Hotel or Camping Support:
St. Augustine Beach House 904-217-3765
Ponce Hotel  904-824-5554
Hampton Inn 904-827-9797
North Beach Camp Resort 904-824-1806
Holiday Inn Express Vilano 904-481-8300

2022    Florida Skimboarding Pro/Am results

 8-U : 1st Giorgio Tomasi 

9-11 : 1st   Jacob Evers ~ 2nd  Quick Kerkoff  ~ 3rd  Oliver Kelly

12-14 : 1st  Trent Moranda ~ 2nd  Cullin Kelly ~ 3rd  Zaniel Cole

G-14-under : 1st  Gus Campbell ~ 2nd Maisy Rockley~ 3rd Atleigh Cole

15-17 : 1st  Graham Shelton ~ 2nd  Nathan Carter ~ 3rd Cory Klitz

18-21 : 1st  Zeke Williams ~ 2nd  E.T. Beaugrand ~ 3rd  Bryce Laffer

22-24 : 1st  Elliot Miller ~ 2nd  Morgan Loller  ~ 3rd  Sparky Hodges

W 15-up : 1st  Kate Warrington ~ 2nd  Nicole Phillips ~ 3rd Emma Gleason

25-29 :  1st  David Dougherty ~ 2nd Chris Trapasso ~ 3rd  Makai Pullara

30-39 : 1st  C.J. Lugo  ~ 2nd Jesse  Berlew ~ 3rd  Nick Vicos

40-up : 1st  Chip Sanders ~ 2nd  Chris Ellison ~ 3rd Casey Mauk

RDS Golden Ticket Amateur Winner : Zaniel Cole ~ Automatic Comped Entry to 2023 Fl Pro/Am

AK/RDS Sickest Air $1000.00 Winner : Graham Shelton

Florida Skimboarding Amateur Champion : Zeke Williams ~ 1st runner up C.J. Lugo

                                                                        2nd runner up   Graham Shelton 

Men's Pro : 1st Yahir Valencia ~ 2nd Gerado Valencia ~ 3rd  Jack Tenney ~ 4th  Sterling Myers ~

                                                                    5th Ryan McFarland  ~  6th  Adam Barker




Official Entry form. Download, fill out and mail to address with check payable to Run Drop Slide, Inc or  Pay here.
***If you pay here you must follow instructions                                 on entry form 

2023 Official Entry Form
        Click the trophy

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