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2020    Fl Skimboarding Pro/Am information below

The Florida Skimboarding Pro/Am (Fl Pro/Am) is the Third longest running Professional ( Now that the Dewey contest is back to  a Pro/Am event, I will place them back to where they deserve to be, Tex created the First, Harry followed and then I added the Pro division to my event in 1996) and Third longest running Amateur Skimboarding tournament in the World


The Fl Pro/Am is the only Amateur event in the World that allows each athlete two chances to advance before being eliminated. This tournament runs more divisional heats than any other Skimboarding Tournament in the World, spanning three full days and over hour 30 hours of individual heats . Skimboarding athletes come from more than 75 different beaches from all over Florida, the USA, and the World.


A Skimboarding tournament dream that started once I moved from Tampa to Vilano Beach, Florida USA in February of 1989. Though it took well over a year to get everthing in order to hold an event (The very first was Oct 1990).  This tournament has always been my gift back to Skimboarding for all of my best sessions, contest personal results, Skimboard Magazine publications from early 80's Florida Skimboarding, lifelong friendships, and wonderful memories. The Fl Pro/Am has always been an end of summer bash that has grown to excede any and all of my expectations or dreams. Over the years and into the future, many of my Skimboarding friends as well as  personal family members, have helped me each and every year fullfil this dream for the sport of Skimboarding. Thanks for all of their help during this event from start to finish.


All of us hope we help make those same memories for you and your families, all while striving to win bragging rights for  a year as Champions in your division in one of the greatest Skimboarding Tournaments on EARTH !!!  


I hold this event for you, the Skimboarder !!

Thanks for competing in the Florida Pro/Am, all of us wish you the Best of Luck !!

2020  Fl Skimboarding Pro/Am 

August 21-22-23 

2020 Fl Pro/Am has some exciting changes !!

* UPDATE 6/11/2020 - for everyone's safety We are still unsure if we will be able to hold the tournament this year. large gatherings are still prohibited. please do not attempt to enter at this time. 

* Due to this Covid-19 Pandemic, We at RDS much like all of you, are patiently hoping and praying this will soon pass and all of our loved ones, friends and their families are safe !!

  that being said, as long it is safe for everyone we will hold this tournament for the 26th straight year... only time will tell.

* we decided to lower the entry fees by $10 in every division to help

* please follow directions on the official entry form, we will no longer be accepting entries via fax. only direct mail or email

* Easy online registration and Secure payment 

* Division names were changed to age group only

* This year - no heats friday, only check-in and riders meeting beginning at 6pm - "site To be determined"

* hotel choices are listed below...most will give you a discount if you tell them your are competing in the tournament

2020  Fl Skimboarding Pro/Am brought to you by...

2020  Fl Skimboarding Pro/Am Official Heat Schedule

Friday Aug 21st

Saturday Aug 22nd

Sunday   Aug 23rd

More supporters  wishing all of you  Skimboarders the best of luck !!!

Hotel Support:

St. Augustine Beach House 904-217-3765

Ponce Hotel  904-824-5554

Hampton Inn 904-827-9797

2019  Florida Skimboarding Pro/Am results

 9-11 : 1st   Alastair Rockley ~ 2nd  Collin Kelly~ 3rd  Hanson Tibbs

12-14 : 1st  Corey Klitz ~ 2nd  Nathan Carter~ 3rd  Bodie Tibbs

G-14-under : 1st  Giana Destefano ~ 2nd Emma Gleeson ~ 3rd Lilly Diaz

15-17 : 1st  Nick Turdo ~ 2nd  Sterling Myers ~ 3rd Zeke Williams

18-21 : 1st  E.T. Beaugrand ~ 2nd  Jonathan Capan ~ 3rd  Tyler Lee

22-24 : 1st  Duy Van ~ 2nd Colin Jones ~ 3rd Cole Rowell

W 15-up : 1st Maddy Diaz 

25-29 :  1st Jerod Beigner ~ 2nd Jim Allen ~ 3rd Alev Brevard

30-39 : 1st Chip Sanders  ~ 2nd Brad Evers ~ 3rd  Jed Currington

40-up : 1st Russell Thomas ~ 2nd Chris Smith 

Florida Skimboarding Amateur Champion : E.T. Beaugrand  ~ 1st runner up Corey Klitz 

                                                                        2nd runner up Maddy Diaz  

Women's Pro : 1st Sophia Nguyen ~ 2nd Casey Kiernan~ 3rd Christina Llamas 

Men's Pro : 1st Lucas Fink ~ 2nd Mason Broussard ~ 3rd Bruno Sa ~ 4th Gerado Valencia ~ 5th Zack Carter

                                                                                            6th ~  Lance Richardson




Official Entry form. Download, fill out and mail to address with check payable to Run Drop Slide, Inc or  Pay here.

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2020 Official Entry Form

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