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Max_Makai 1999 Fl Pro/Am
waiting for his turn 1998

We at Run Drop Slide Inc., much like most of the world, feel Children are the future. We created an entire line just for them.


RDSgroms line was inspired by the my son Makai as a young Skimboarder. We would carpet Skim every chance we could until he was old enough to ride the waves on Vilano Beach...which didn't take long. 


When Makai was a small child his imagination was endless, all of his little toy characters had their own skimboards and skateboards. He would load up his big toy truck with the whole gang and ride out to the beach with us. While Makai was in his playpin on the beach, he would watch us catch waves. I would then notice how he would fold up his blanket like a wave, and each of his gang would get their turn riding the blanket waves...Those were the best Skim sessions of my life !! When we got back to the house, Makai and I would then carpet skim for hours. At 2.5yrs of age, Makai made his debut at the 1998 Fl Pro/Am. For many more years to come, Makai and his new competition best buddy Max Smetts, traveled all over Florida and much of the East Coast of USA competing in contests and having fun at different beaches. Little did they know, they were inspiring young skimboarders at every beach they traveled to. Not necessarily to go out and compete, but just to learn how to  skimboard, play on the beach and have fun !


His stoke to Skimboarding insprired this line for every Skimgrom out there. Does your Grom.... Run Drop Slide !!

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