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2016 Florida skimboarders cRossover tour movie


Interview: Origin of Florida skimboarders cRossover tour

Florida Skimboarders Crossover Tour:
I created these events back in 2001, for over 15 years I have handpicked 15 of the Best Professional and Amateur Skimboarders to travel across Florida, cruising from Tampa to Orlando ending in Vilano Beach for the famous Fl Skimboarding Pro/Am. Only a few times since 2001 has this event not taken place, either from economic reasons, wave pool broken or acts of God. This event pits some of the BEST Skimboarders in the world against each other in 2 additional events to challenge their diverse abilities. We  film these events as they unfold and create a mini movie to show everyone Saturday night during the Fl Pro/Am VIP party hosted by RDS, Skimchicks, Sierra Nevada, Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer, and Joog Squad.

This year we will be TBD.

As for travel and hotels : We suggest if you decide to stay in Tampa prior to the Skate event or after, look around the USF area. Nice hotels and not far from I-75 in order to head to Orlando on Thursday. Normally athletes head directly to Orlando after the post party. This is entirely up to you. We all need to arrive at Typhoon Lagoon by 5:00pm on Thursday. We will have a riders meeting prior to entering the Lagoon. The Lagoon is the most private of the entire tour, watch the video above. Please do not tell your friends to come watch, they simply cannot. At this time we have maxed out the Tour, actually I added 3 players. We have no vacant admission slots as in past years.

Family and friends can enjoy Downtown Disney while the tournament is going on, then come and celebrate with us afterwards in the "Annual Kick Us Out of the Lagoon Parking Lot Awards Ceremony !!!".... 

The entire crew at SPoT along with owner Brian Schaefer, David James, Mickey Mouse, Makai and myself are beyond excited and stoked to once again put on this amazing tournament showcasing Skimboarders diverse talents all while cruising across Florida having fun !!

As the 2018 theme song states... " Pack yo grip, I'm taking you on a trip, ain't no seats, all we got are dancing feet..... Leave your worries behind !!


The Events:

Wednesday August 22nd 2018

Street Skate hosted by SPoT (Skatepark of Tampa)
The SPoT and Staff are legendary for what they have done world wide for competitive Skateboard events. This is the only non-SPoT event allowed to be held at their facility and I am Thankful beyond belief !! SPoT owner Brian Schaefer and I have become amazing friends over the last 15 years and they role out the Red Carpet for us Skimborders !!

Arrive at facility as early as you wish, you can practice for free. Event will begin promptly at 1:00pm. We will have a riders meeting at 12:30 pm
15 riders max.
Round 1 : 3 – 40second runs, highest run taken. 12 riders advance
Round 2 : 3 – 40second runs, highest run taken, 6 riders advance
Round 3 : Final – 20 minute JAM with all finalists.
Awards immediately following
Post event party sponsored by Bricks in Ybor City...1/2 price food and bottle beer, I've got the first round !!.  THANKS Schaefer !!!


Thursday August 23rd 2018

Surf hosted by Disney's Typhoon Lagoon
The Lagoon is the oldest inland surfing lagoon in the world. It's in Walt Disney's World need I say more !!
We will surf CENTER Peaks for this event, though it is somewhat slightly shorter in length of a wave, I've always chosen this wave to keep the field fair for all riders.
We will have a rider meeting prior to entering lagoon at 5pm August 18th, we will enter the park at 6:30pm as a group. This is a private event after the park is closed and once the wave pool starts to produce waves they do not stop. We will discuss Typhoon Lagoon protocal at our meeting.
Warm-up round: 15 waves will be burned, during warm-ups 2 riders can be on a wave and is recommended, this will give all riders 2 warm up waves before event starts.
Your order of rotation will be determined by how you finish at the Skate event.


Here is an idea of how we run the event, only an idea, this format could change depending on how many entrants we have
Round 1 : Each rider gets 3 waves (solo), lowest score is dropped to tally a total of 2 waves. Lowest 5 riders fall out.
Round 2 : Each rider gets 3 waves (solo), lowest score is dropped to tally a total of 2 waves. Lowest 5 riders fall out.
Round 3 : FINALS, each rider gets 2 waves, both waves count, highest total wins event.
Awards immediately following in the parking lot.


Florida Skimboarders Crossover Tour Points:
You will receive a point according to your placing in each event and will be tallied heading into the Fl Pro/Am. Each riders Fl Pro/Am points will be determined by how you place against the other riders in the Crossover Tour. Rider with the lowest total points at end of all events will be crowned the champion. ( In case of a tie, the athlete that advances farther in the Fl Pro/Am will break the tie)

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2018   Player Invitees

Jackson Tenney  -   Mason  Broussard   - John Akerman

Alec Chapin - Zack Carter -  Alex DuBois

Jay Carter - Quillen Bender 

 Joe Ward -   Steven DuBois 

Leyland Lively - Ellen Wood

Alex Hood - Drew Danielo

Nick Turdo - Turner Tenney

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