The RDS Team is comprised of a diverse group of talented athletes from around the world whom share the fire and passion of Skimboarding much like I do.

Passion is defined as: An intense desire or enthusiasm for something. In our case this something is Skimboarding.

The players on this Team all exert passion for Skimboarding, Family, Life, Friendship, Respect for others, and Fun !!


We at Run Drop Slide, Inc couldn't be more happier and thankful to all of these athlete for their support of us.


These guys/girls/groms are the shit !! They shred, they teach skimboarding, they love life, they respect earth,   they love their family and friends, they travel, they win contests, they party, they have a balance in life, they constantly give back.....They are the RDS TEAM !!


I have no idea what it means to be on the RDS TEAM, so don't ask me....  If you need that question answered, just  look how long some of these athletes   have been with us,  you'll know who to ask.  All I care about is Skimboarders   enjoying life, having   fun with a  balance  and  of coarse....Run Drop Slide


Alexandra Badie nickname: Alexandra born: La Canada resides: Laguna Bch, Ca USA 

                        stance: Regular board: Exile Hybrid traction: Let's Party 

                        years skimming: 14  favorite breaks: ‚ÄčLaguna Bch, Ca                          

                        RDS History: 2015                           

Alex Chapin nickname: El Chapo born: Clearwater, Fl USA resides: New Symrna, Fl USA 

                        stance: Goofy board: Zap traction: Whats Available 

                        years skimming: 10  favorite breaks: New Symrna Beach Inlet                          

                        RDS History: 2011                           

Alex DuBois nickname: Skimmer born: Savannah, Ga USA resides: Tybee Island, Ga USA 

                        stance: Regular board: Exile/Austin Keen  traction: Let's Party 

                        years skimming: 5  favorite breaks: Vilano Beach                          

                        RDS History: 2012                           

Austin Keen nickname: AK born:Savannah, Ga USA resides: Laguna Bch, Ca USA 

                        stance: Regular board: Exile AK47 traction: Let's Party 

                        years skimming: 10  favorite breaks: Aliso Beach, Ca USA                          

                        RDS History: 2008                           

Brock Thompson nickname: Brock born: Orange Beach, Al USA resides: Orange Beach, Al USA 

                        stance: Regular board: Exile Carbon Fiber traction: Let's Party 

                        years skimming: 3  favorite breaks: Bama Point                          

                        RDS History: 2014                           

Cesar Lazareno Cortez nickname: Tule born: Melaque Jalisco, Mexico resides: Melaque Jalisco, Mexico 

                        stance: Regular board: Victoria traction: Traction Pads 

                        years skimming: 17 anos de skim  favorite breaks: Mis Lugares Preferidos son Boca Del Muerto, Melaque,                                                                                                                                             Playa del coco y ortos                          

                        RDS History: 2013. Tengo 3 anos con RDS                           

Codie Patterson nickname: Codie born: Torrance Beach, Ca. USA resides: Kitty Hawk, N.C. USA 

                        stance: Regular board: Victoria Grommet traction: Freak  

                        years skimming: 3  favorite breaks: Charlie's RV Park, Nags Head Pier, Vilano                          

                        RDS History: 2014                           

Chris Brown nickname: Breezy born: New Jersey, USA resides: Vilano Beach, Fl USA 

                        stance: Regular board: Zap traction: All Available 

                        years skimming: Long Time  favorite breaks: Donovan's, Slants, Cape May, Vilano                          

                        RDS History: 2013, Steve is the man !                           

Chris Splendore nickname: Doe' born: Long Island, New York USA resides: St. Augustine Beach, Fl USA 

                        stance: Regular board: Victoria traction: All Available 

                        years skimming: 28  favorite breaks: Vilano, Sand Pebbles, IRB Avenues, West St Laguna Beach                          

                        RDS History: 1999, 17 years !!! Thanks for everything Steve !                           

Derek Shenton nickname: Duke born: Indialantic, Fl USA resides: Laguna Beach, Ca USA 

                        stance: Regular board: Exile  traction: Let's Party 

                        years skimming: 8  favorite breaks: 10th Street Laguna, Sebastian Inlet                          

                        RDS History:  2012                           

Ella Thompson nickname: Ella born: Birmingham, Al USA resides: Orange Beach, Al USA 

                        stance: Regular board: Exile Super G traction: Let's Party 

                        years skimming: 3.5  favorite breaks: The Cove                          

                        RDS History: 2014                           

Hector Uriostegui Avendano nickname: Eco born: Mexico resides: Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico Mainland 

                        stance: Regular board: Natural Boards, Medium, Progressive Shape traction: Freak 

                        years skimming: 10  favorite breaks: MATYO!!! La Dos, Cocos, Boca De Muerto, Xametla, Cabos, Manzanillo,                                         Melaque, Barra, Chichislargas, Punta Monterrey!!!                          

                        RDS History: 2014                            

Jack Tenney nickname: Joog born: Florida USA resides: I.R.B., Fl USA 

                        stance: Regular board: Joog Squad traction: Let's Party 

                        years skimming: 12  favorite breaks: Malibu Secret Liner, Channel 3, Camels, Laguna Ca                          

                        RDS History: 2012                           

Jediah Currington nickname: Jed the Shred  born: Venice, Fl USA resides: St. Augustine, Fl USA 

                                  stance: Confused stance/switch board: Zap Boomhower traction: Whatever I get years skimming: 32                                                    favorite breaks: Vbah and anywhere that breaks good                          

                                  RDS History: 2000, riding for RDS for 16 years                           

John Akerman nickname: Jakerman born: Orlando, Fl USA resides: Indian Rocks Beach, Fl USA 

                        stance: Goofy board: Zap traction: Freak 

                        years skimming: 15  favorite breaks: Lovers B.C.S., Vilano Beach, Fl USA                          

                        RDS History: 2010                           

Kelsey Bloome nickname: Bud born: Boca Raton, Florida USA resides: Laguna Beach, Ca USA 

                        stance: Goofy board: Apex custom traction: Varies 

                        years skimming: 4  favorite breaks: Palmetto Bch, Boynton Inlet Florida. Balboa and Thalia Ca USA                          

                        RDS History: 2015                           

Mason Broussard nickname: Mason born: Gulf Shores Al, USA resides: Gulf Shores, Al USA 

                        stance: Goofy board: Zap traction: Freak 

                        years skimming: 7  favorite breaks: Pawnshop, Vilano, Balboa Pier, Dewey                         

                        RDS History: 2016                           

Max Smetts nickname: Max born: Venice, Fl USA resides: Venice, Fl USA 

                        stance: Regular board: Zap M3 traction: Varies 

                        years skimming: 18  favorite breaks: Cabo, Vilano                         

                        RDS History: 2005                           

Makai Pullara nickname: Makai, Champ born: Vilano beach Florida USA resides: Tallahassee Fl USA stance: Regular                                                 board: Zap Boomhower/Pullara Hybrid traction: Freak/Zogg's Sex Wax years skimming: 18                             

                           favorite breaks: Vilano/Surfer's Beach Eleuthera/Southside IRI De                          

                           RDS History: V.P. since birth                           

Morgan Just nickname: Mojust born: Middletown Ca USA resides: Laguna beach Ca USA 

                        stance: Goofy ( but likes to switch it up) board: Victoria/MoJust Pro Model traction: Let's Party 

                        years skimming: 20  favorite breaks: Wedge, Sununga, anywhere new or fun                          

                        RDS History: 1998                          

Nelson Thompson nickname: Nelson born: Birmingham, Al USA resides: Orange Beach, Al USA 

                        stance: Goofy board: Exile Carbon Fiber traction: Let's Party 

                        years skimming: 3.5  favorite breaks: Bama Point                          

                        RDS History: 2014                           

Siobhan McAuliffe nickname: Shuv_On, Bones, Shibby, Vonnie born: Mt. Holly, NJ USA resides: Manahawkin, NJ USA 

                        stance: Regular board: Victoria Plane Wrap traction: VS & Let's Party 

                        years skimming: 18  favorite breaks: Holgate & Beach Haven LBI                          

                        RDS History: 2004, Been with RDS since I was 16 so give or take about 11 years                           

Stephen Bradford nickname: TaceT born: Clearwater, Fl USA resides: Indian Rocks Beach, Fl USA 

                        stance: Goofy board: Zap traction: Freak 

                        years skimming: 20  favorite breaks: IRB, Vilano, anywhere besides the gulf                          

                        RDS History: 2000-since the beginning                           

Uriel Cruz nickname: Uriel born: Manzanillo, Colima Mexico resides: Manzanillo, Colima Mexico 

                        stance: Goofy board: Exile Hybrid Epoxy traction: Let's Party 

                        years skimming: 6  favorite breaks: Go Skim-trip with all my boys                          

                        RDS History: 2014                           

Yasmyn Andrade nickname: Yaz born: Rio De Jenero Brasil resides: Laguna Beach, Ca USA 

                        stance: Regular board: Slotstik traction: Varies 

                        years skimming: 6  favorite breaks: Laguna Ca                          

                        RDS History: 2010                           

Zack Carter nickname: Cack born: Georgia USA resides: Madiera Beach, Fl USA 

                        stance: Regular board: Exile traction: Let's Party 

                        years skimming: 12  favorite breaks: Johns Pass, Sand Pebble                          

                        RDS History: 2014

Steve Pullara nickname: Stevo born: Tampa Florida USA resides: Vilano beach Fl USA stance: Regular 

                           board: Zap Boomhower/Pullara Hybrid traction: Freak/Zogg's Sex Wax years skimming: Very Long Time

                             favorite breaks: Vilano/Surfer's Beach Eleuthera/Sol Mar B.C.S./Aliso CA/Southside IRI De 

                           RDS History: Founder


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